Find delicious recipes, order ingredients via Wolt, and have your groceries delivered to your door in 30 minutes.

  • Easy Recipes: Hoisin Pies

    Try Annika Ollila's delicious recipe! Easy Hoisin pies are ready in no time.

  • Easy Everyday Recipes: Salmon pasta

    Enjoy social media influencer Natalia Cernýs delicious salmon pasta recipe.

  • Easy Everyday Recipes: Baked gnocchi with chorizo

    Check out food influencer Melanie Reze's delicious baked ​​gnocchi with chorizo!

  • Easy Everyday Recipes: Chicken and rice

    Find out how food influencer Sikke Sumari prepares her chicken and rice!

  • Easy Everyday Recipes: Cheeseburger

    Grab the ingredients and instructions for the perfect cheeseburger.

  • Easy Everyday Recipes: Creamy Chicken Pasta

    Creamy chicken pasta is an everyday classic. This easy creamy pasta gets just the right kick from ginger.

How to order groceries?


Go to Wolt Market


Pick the items you want


Get your order in about 30 minutes

Whatever you need in 30 minutes

Order the fresh and necessary items for your recipes from Wolt, have your groceries delivered in 30 minutes, and start cooking right away.

You can order groceries from Wolt Market and many K-Markets all over Finland.