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Wolt makes it incredibly easy for you to discover and get what you want. Delivered to you – quickly, reliably and affordably. Find the best deals, codes and referrals for Wolt Lithuania. Start ordering now.

No delivery fees for 30 days

Place your first order and start enjoying tasty food, last-minute gifts, and fresh groceries without a delivery fee for 30 days*

Available Wolt Codes and Deals

  • 6€ off your first Wolt delivery order

  • 5€ off your first delivery order from grocery stores

  • 5€ off your first delivery order from Wolt Market

  • Enjoy offers from your favourite restaurants and save every month

  • Enjoy 0€ delivery fees, cashback for takeaway orders and other benefits with Wolt+

How to use Wolt coupons


Go to your profile


Select "Redeem Code"


Enter the code and confirm

Best Deals at Wolt

In order to enjoy special offers and free delivery on Wolt, find more deals for restaurants, groceries, and stores.

Refer your friends and earn credits!

Invite your friends who are not on Wolt yet to join with your personal Wolt discount code. You will both get 2 x 5 € in credits!

Save even more with Wolt+

Wolt+ is our monthly subscription service offering zero delivery fees on orders from eligible restaurants and stores – along with exclusive offers just for Wolt+ members. 

Frequently asked questions

*Terms and conditions:

For new customers who do not yet have an order, this offer is valid for 30 days after joining Wolt. Service charge is applicable and offer is valid for delivery charge only. This offer cannot be used with any other Wolt offers. The offer also applies when the restaurant or shop provides the delivery service via Wolt independently. This offer is subject to change without prior notice. The offer is valid until 31/05/2024.

For existing customers without any order, the offer is valid for 7 or 14 days after making their first Wolt purchase. This promotion is limited to delivery fees. Service fee applies. This offer cannot be combined with offers valid at Wolt. This promotion also includes Self Delivery venues on Wolt that provide their own delivery service. This offer is subject to change without notice. This promotion ends on 30/06/2024.