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Try Wolt for 14 days with a 2000 HUF discount!*

Order at least for 4000 HUF and enjoy a discount for your first five purchases!

Your code: RENDELEK2K

Available Wolt Codes and Deals

  • 2000NEKED

    Get a 2000 HUF discount at the selected partners when ordering above 4000 HUF, all throughout March. Click for the conditions and participating places.

Best Deals at Wolt

In order to enjoy special offers and orders without delivery fee on Wolt, find more deals for restaurants, groceries, and stores.

Save even more with Wolt+

Wolt+ is our monthly subscription service offering zero delivery fees on orders from eligible restaurants and stores – along with exclusive offers just for Wolt+ members. 

Refer your friends and earn credits!

Invite your friends who are not on Wolt yet to join with your personal Wolt discount code. When you share your referral code with your friends who add it to their profile in the app, they will instantly receive 1000 HUF credits to their balance to use on their first home delivery order. After their order is placed, they will automatically receive another 1000 HUF in credit to use on their second order. As soon as your first order arrives, you will get 1000 HUF credit as well, and after their second order, you will receive another 1000 HUF credit. Your code can be used 10 times ✨

Frequently asked questions

*Terms and conditions:

The discount can be used after entering the code RENDELEK2K, for the first 5 home delivery orders of 4000 HUF gross.

The code is valid for 14 days after activation, the promotion lasts until 04/30/2024.

The specified discount will be deducted from the basket value of the order.

More information: wolt.com or within the Wolt app.