Seasonal Moments

Anything you need to get ready for these special moments and holidays: Food, drinks, groceries, and specific items for preparation? Nothing should be missed out. Order with Wolt and have more time for your loved ones🎉🎊

  • Valentine's Day on Wolt 💙

    Deliver the romance on Valentine's Day and say it with Wolt. Explore our heartfelt collection of last-minute gifts and romantic restaurant deals.

  • A Joyful New Year on Wolt

    Shop on Wolt from the comfort of your home for new year's gifts, decorations, delicious food, and festive drinks. Simply sit back, relax, and let good things come to you.

  • Black Friday offers

    Whether it’s unbeatable Black Friday offers or irresistible Cyber Monday promotions, you'll find the best deals from local stores and restaurants on the Wolt app. Delivered to your door quickly, reliably and affordably.

  • Ramadan on Wolt

    Discover the full list of offers and complete your iftar with Wolt! 🙏🏼💙

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