Wolt Promo Codes

Wolt makes it incredibly easy for you to discover and get what you want. Delivered to you – quickly, reliably and affordably. Find the best deals, codes and referrals for Wolt Austria. Start ordering now.

Available Wolt Codes and Deals

  • As a first time user you get up to -50% off with the code "50PROZENT" on your next 2 orders at Wolt! Sounds cool? Then try it out right now! 🤩 The voucher is valid for 21 days after code activation.

  • Fancy a discount? With the code "30TAGEWOLT" you get up to -30% discount at selected restaurants for 30 days! 😋 The discount is valid for 30 days after activation.

How to use Wolt coupons


Go to your profile


Select "Redeem Code"


Enter the code and confirm

Refer your friends and earn credits!

Invite your friends who are not on Wolt yet to join with your personal Wolt discount code. You will receive 3x4€ (12€) and your friend will get 3x8€ (24€)!

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